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As salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu.
It is with great excitement and pride that we present to you the Greenfields Primary School Newsletter. This is more of a revival, as in the past, the school has produced a newsletter and now it’s our turn. So, we really hope you will enjoy our informative and beneficial newsletter. Click here to read on…


As Salāmu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh.

I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome to Greenfields Primary School in Birmingham.

At Greenfields we offer a unique experience for children in a Muslim friendly setting ensuring they are safe, happy and enjoying a mix of religious and secular learning opportunities.  We offer a fabulous standard of education which brings together a knowledge-rich based curriculum, coupled with the skills that are required in English and Maths to ensure our children have the bedrock of key knowledge that will allow them to blossom as successful learners.

We have high expectations of the children in their conduct and learning behaviours and we are very proud of how well they reach those high standards.

The staff are dedicated professionals who are fully committed to the life in school and the children. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and finding out a little bit more about life at our school. Greenfields Primary is currently on a journey of expansion and development and we hope you too can join us on this journey.

Saadat Rasool – Acting Head


Thursday was a splendid day for our pupils. They were able to see & hold different animals. They learnt interesting facts about some animals. Our visitor @magsanimals was impressed: "We had a great time and I was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and engagement"

Yr 5 also carried out a cross curricular activity. In science, they investigated how long 150 ml of water will take to evaporate so that only the salt remains. In their maths lesson they draw a line graph to display their data

Did you know ? A line graph shows changes over time

In Science, yr 5 pupils carried out an experiment to separate soluble & insoluble mixtures through filtering (coffee) sieving (sand) and evaporating (salt).

Did you know? A solute (salt) is a substance that is dissolving in a solvent (water). When mixed, they form a solution.

In maths, yr 5 children learnt to read/interpret information in tables, carried out a survey around the school, presented their data drawing bar charts and made graphs in their ICT lessons!

Did you know? Bar charts display information using rectangular bars of different heights.

Before Muslims pray, they perform the ablution (wudu). In Islamic studies, Yr 1 learnt how to perform the wudu!

"O you who believe! When you intend to offer the prayer, wash your faces and your hands (forearms) up to the elbows, rub your heads, and (wash) your feet up to ankles"


2018 - 2019 Ruth Miskin Training Accreditation

We are a “Get Reading – Keep Reading – Change Everything” school

We use the highly successful Read Write Inc. Phonics programme to teach our children to read, write and spell. Our children do well in the phonics screening check and by Year 2, the majority are fluent readers with the best chance of success in the KS1 tests.

Ruth Miskin Training recognise us for teaching the programme with fidelity and passion – we know what it takes to make reading and writing pleasurable and rewarding for our children.

This badge recognises that we:

• Raise standards in reading and writing for our children
• Are all expertly trained by Ruth Miskin Training
• Gain the latest programme updates through regular visits from our Ruth Miskin Consultant Trainer
• Support our most vulnerable readers with extra one-to-one teaching every day

To visit the parent pages on the Ruth Miskin Training website go to:


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