Vision & Ethos


At Greenfields we use a knowledge-based curriculum and consider ourselves a ‘core-knowledge’ school; this means that, first and foremost, we focus on imparting knowledge to our pupils. We teach a comprehensive range of subjects: English (including Phonics); Mathematics; Literature; Spelling; Handwriting; Science; Humanities (History, Geography and Art); PE; RE & PSHE; and Computing. As a Muslim faith-school, we balance and enhance our curriculum by teaching the Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies alongside the aforementioned subjects.

We take knowledge seriously and we teach it for the sake of knowledge, not just to tick boxes or attain certain percentages. Our knowledge-based curriculum is communal; this means all children within a year group are expected to know the same things by the end of each academic year, thus they ‘share’ this knowledge with each other. Each year adds layer upon layer of knowledge, which is taught in a focused and enriching manner, ensuring pupils commit to memory the most important details and deepen their understanding of the topics taught. We constantly test our children and push them further in their learning; it is this rigorous approach to teaching that ensures our pupils develop their minds and build in confidence, and it is precisely this that prepares them for life at secondary school and beyond.

It is our shared belief that the important everyday skills required in the 21st Century, such as creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking, cannot be taught separately and in an isolated manner. Rather, these important skills are part of knowledge itself and can only be accessed once one has grasped a good amount of crucial information and absorbed it. It is only once you know something, and know it well, that you can use it and the use of it is the skill. Truly it is, as E. D. Hirsch said, impossible to separate skills from knowledge.


Instilling virtue in our pupils is an integral part of every single day at Greenfields. We spark within them a determination to achieve high moral standards; something that is a non-negotiable to be a good and committed citizen of any modern society. On Monday mornings we hold the school assembly and its follow-up session ‘Core Virtues and Values’, in which we discuss various praiseworthy and admirable attributes such as: honesty and truthfulness; courage and bravery; humility and public service; among many more. We likewise discuss characteristics that should be shunned, such as: lying; cheating; stealing; violence; extremism; etc.

Our Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace) emphasised good character and made it as clear as day when he said, “The best of you is the best in manners” and “The one who does not respect the elders nor is merciful with the youth is not from us.”

All our members of staff, from teachers and teaching assistants to management and directors, exemplify the high level of expectation we have each and every day in our professional conduct – we know we are role models for the children and we take this seriously.

One principle we abide by at Greenfields is: if we raise our expectations of the children, the children will rise to our expectations. We have seen this happen ourselves – our children are quite simply amazing and we let them know! Often adults do not trust children enough nor believe in them; obversely we believe in our children, we trust them, respect them and know that they can achieve greatness.


It is the sincere wish of any parent or teacher to want the best for their children and, most of all, for them to have a decent future. We all recognise the way to get our children ready for tomorrow’s world is by preparing them today; giving them a solid and thorough education, developing a strong work-ethic and sense of responsibility – to their community, their family and their faith.

At Greenfields we want our children to be culturally literate and an active part of their community. We want our children to add value to anything they become part of, and to grow into responsible adults who contribute to society in the most beneficial manner.

To see an entire school, from management to teachers to pupils to parents, working together upon one way, with a shared vision, moving in one direction together with honesty, humility and commitment is something that you have to see to believe. As I mentioned previously, we are intensely unique, and you are most welcome to visit us and see for yourself!

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