Year 5 Curriculum

2019 – 2020


Fiction: Year 5B/G will be studying a modern re-telling of the King Midas myth, with the focus on how a dilemma can be the driving force of a story.  The children will compose an ending to the story through a diary entry written as the main character.

Non-Fiction: This unit links to the fiction unit through exploring the difference between a first person recount, such as a diary, and a newspaper report of the same event. The children then compose their own newspaper report based on a real-life rescue and adapt it for radio.

Our grammar focus for this term is clauses, in particular: relevant clauses.

We will also be revising the fundamental aspects of grammar and syntax, as always!


Children will explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object, identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces and recognise that some mechanisms including levers, pulleys and gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.


In this half term, children will learn to find factors of given numbers, they will cover comparing and placing fractions in order and reducing them to their simplest form.

Children will work on solving multiplication and division using knowledge of factors, doubles and halves and time tables.

Children will work on using mental strategies to multiply and divide multiples of 10 and 100 and also using written methods to divide 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, expressing remainders as fractions and solving division word problems.

Children will also begin to use protractors to measure and draw angles in degrees, they will  recognise, use terms and classify angles as obtuse, acute and reflex.

Also within this half term, children will work on place value with numbers to 100 000 and decimals up to two places on a line.

They will also revise mental and written addition and subtraction strategies and recognise that addition and subtraction are inverse operations as well as multiplication and division.

Children will also read, write and order numbers with up to 6 digits and understand the place value of each digit.

Visual Arts

Over the course of the next half-term, we will be completing our study of the different styles and elements of Art.

Upon finishing our study of the Elements, we will then focus on Modernism and Abstract Art, particularly colour theory.

We will be learning about artists in the calibre of Theo Van Doesburg and exploring their art pieces.

After this, in line with our History studies, we will be exploring Islamic Art and Architecture, focusing on the many buildings around Europe that were sculpted in the Islamic Golden Age.


During our Geography lessons this half-term, we will complete our study of Australia before beginning to explore neighbouring New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

Whilst studying these lands we shall look at how they where discovered, what unique aspects they have and the geography of the countries. The various landscapes, reef areas and what they have to offer.

We shall also study the culture of these lands and look at the indigenous population within them, specifically the Maori and Aboriginal people.

We hope that Allāh enables us to be successful in our studies and we seek His aid and assistance.


Topics: At the Beach / At the Circus. By the end of the two units the children will be able express themselves by mentioning the extra-curricular activities that they enjoy undertaking in their free time, the second unit will aid them in expanding their usage of different vocabulary.

In addition, the children will study various principles of the Arabic language to further enhance their understanding and knowledge.


Over the course of the next half-term, we will continue studying the Spread of Islam. We will proceed to explore how as Islām spread, the culture of the Eastern lands spread with it.

As the Arabs travelled east, they bought along with them their knowledge of Art and Architecture, Science, Geography, Medicine and much more.

We will look at how they would shape society forever with their groundbreaking theories, life-saving discoveries of new cures, and eye-opening developments of buildings with beautiful, arabesque decorations.

We hope Allāh gives us aid in our work and facilitates for us much success.