Year 1 Curriculum

2019 - 2020

English (Phonics)

This term the children will be learning set 2 speeds sounds (ay, ee, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou and oy) after completing these sounds they will move on to set 3 sound.

Children will use the sounds they have be taught to spell words by sounding out and blending orally before composing a simple sentence.

Children will be given a short story to read using the sounds they have been taught and learn how to form letters correctly.


This term the children will learn how to subtract and how subtraction is associated with ‘part-whole’ and ‘taking away’.

Children will solve subtraction word problems using various strategies.

We will then learn about 2D and 3D shapes describing their properties, sorting them into groups and identify the four basic shapes in real life objects.


In this half term children will be learning about animals and their groupings:

1) Groupings according to their features such as: amphibians, mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles.

2) Groupings according to their diet such as carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

They will also be looking at some of the needs of a pet.


In Geography children will learn that an aerial view means to look at something from above.

They will then explore and understand that maps tell us the location of different places.

Children will start to understand that compass points can be used to show direction and understand what makes a good map.

Visual Arts

Children will learn the primary colours are red, yellow, blue and that primary colours can be mixed to make secondary colours.

Children will understand that a tint is a mixture of a colour with white and understand that a shade is a mixture of a colour with black.

Children will then understand that artists uses shades and tints of blue to paint water.


This half term the children will be learning how to use software applications to create movement and patterns, become familiar in using a keyboard, use technology such as digital images to present ideas and develop their work, and most importantly revise e-safety.

Islamic Studies

Topic: Seerah, Manners and du’aa.

The pupils will learn about the life of the Prophet ﷺ from his birth to the revelation.

They will also learn some manners and du’aas that they need daily: The manners of going to the toilet, the manners of eating and drinking, the manners of sleeping and reading the Quran.


Topic: My family, the colours, the numbers.

This half term the pupils will learn to name a few family members, some common colours and to count from 1 to 10 in Arabic.


Topic: Sharing and caring for others.

Through a traditional tale, the little red hen, pupils will learn about sharing and caring for others.

They will differentiate between selfishness and generosity.