Year 2 Curriculum

2019 – 2020


Mass: compare masses using a pan balance and find masses of things.

Picture graphs: collect and organise data in a simple picture graph.

Numbers to 40.

Numbers represented as tens and ones in a place value chart.

‘Add on,’ ‘part-whole’ and regrouping concepts are used in adding numbers.

The ‘taking away’ concept is used in subtraction.

‘Add on’ and ‘making ten’ concepts are used in adding three numbers.

Solving word problems.

Keywords: mass, picture graphs, fewer than, more than, most, least.


Topic: Maps and Globes

Children will be exploring maps of the locale area, identify locations on a globe or world map.

They also will be introduced to the geographical concept of scale, and basic map reading skills.

Keywords: accurate, symbol, compass, north, south, east, west, landmarks, compass directions, navigate, scale, represent


Topic: Living Things and their Environments.

River Habitats: What living things are found in a river habitat and explore what is meant by freshwater habitats.

Undersea Life and Food Chains: Organise animals into a possible food chain.

Deep Oceans: To know which we know live in the deepest part of the ocean.

Damage to habitats: Learn that that some human activity can damage habitats.

Keywords: freshwater, minnows, plankton, ocean floor, energy, pollution, overfishing, oil spill.


Topic: Friendship and the importance of the words.

Children will put words on their feelings. They will define what friendship is and what it encompass and they will also learn about the weight of the words.

They will understand that words can hurt.

Islamic Studies

Topic: Definition of worship, the three levels of religion, the pillars of Eeman, Ihsan, the description of the prayer and being good to friends.

Children will gain understanding of what worship is, they will learn about the three levels of religion in general and in detail (what are the pillars of Eeman and what is Ihsan).

They will also learn about the prayer what will help them to accomplish it according to the Sunnah.

They will learn about the Qiblah, how to perform a sujood and a rukoo’ accurately.


Topic: Fix it and find it.

Children will create an algorithm for a robot.

They will revise how to use technology safely and will look at how they can use different technology to organise and present their ideas.


Topic: The calendar, the time, the school timetable, the weather.

This half term the pupils will be learning how to tell the date, the time, read a timetable with the different topics, and the weather in Arabic.


Topic: Gymnastics

Children will learn to move confidently and safely in their own space, using changes of speed, level and direction.

They explore gymnastic actions and still shapes.

The children copy or create movement phrases with beginnings, middles and ends, using a range of body actions and body parts.